Horizontal Machining Center

X / Y / Z travel 1,000/850/950 (39.3/33.4/37.4 Inch) mm
Table size 630x630 mm
Max. table load 1,000 Kgs
Spindle center to table surface 100~950 (3.9~37.4 Inch) mm
Speed 6,000 Direct Drive
Taper No.50 7/24 taper
Transmission Direct Drive
B axis table
Table size 630x630 mm
Max. table load 1,000 kg
T-slot dimensions 24 holes-M16 pitch 125
Indexing table 1 standard
Spindle motor (kw) 15/18.5 Direct Drive
X axis motor 9 kw
Y axis motor 9 kw
Z axis motor 7 kw
Axes Feed
Rapid feed rate 36/36/36 m / min
Linear guide ways Rollor X/Y/Z:65/55/65
Cutting feed rate 1~10 m / min
Coolant system 500 L
Hydraulic system 60 L
Lubricating system ( LHL ) 700 ml (lubricant pack)
Machine weight 20,000 kg
Ball Screw
X axis ballscrew ( diameterx pitchx precision ) Ø50x16 mm
Y axis ballscrew ( diameterx pitchx precision ) Ø50x16 mm
Z axis ballscrew ( diameterx pitchx precision ) Ø50x16 mm
Machine Dimension
Length 7,150 mm
Height 3,150 mm
Width 5,200 mm
Tool type BT-50
Tool capacity 40 pcs (opt. 60/90/120 pcs)
Max. tool length 400 mm
Max. tool weight 20 kg
Tool change time 3.5 sec (T to T)
Max. tool diameter (With Adj. tool/Without Adj. tool) Ø120 mm
Without Adj. tool:Ø240 mm
Table interchange type Rotary
APC driven type Hydraulic
Pallet number 2
Pallet exchange time 14~16 sec

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. to improve the performance of the machine. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • Heightening bed design: strong and solid structure ensures the precision of heavy cutting.
  • The column is adopted with the high-low box way design, which shortens the height of the column, reduces the weight, and lowers the inertia of movement.
  • Hydraulically operated synchronized tool releasing.
  • The magazine is servo driven for high efficiency and high accuracy.
  • The specially designed tool change arm provides earlier tool locking without tool drop problem. The tool change time is only 2.5 sec.
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